CRM Consulting

With CloudRiverdale as your business partner you are entrusting your applications to a team of experienced technical consultants and architects. We will enable your company to utilise these Sales and CRM tools to their full potential with our process mapping & improvement capability, our implementation expertise, our custom development capability and our global support team. We will enable you to share and manage business information across locations.

We will deliver all your company’s business applications in a single environment with one data model, one sharing model, and one user interface. The® solutions platform provides rich development, testing and deployment capabilities to deliver business applications as a service on the cloud.

The® solutions platform makes building applications and Web sites faster and easier than ever. It includes a database, security, workflow, user interface, and other tools that step you through the process.

We offer

>CRM Implementation

>CRM Customization Services

>CRM Integration & Migration

>CRM Administration & Remote Support