CRM Administration & Support
Ongoing support improves productivity and adoption

After successful implementation, you may engage us for ongoing support via email, phone, skype irrespective of your location. Alternately if you think you may need dedicated monthly support, feel free to talk to our Sales team about our dedicated resource package.

Support and administration expertise is critical to the continued success and wider adoption of any CRM implementation. Compared to other applications this application is relatively simple and easy to use and basic configurations can be managed by day-to-day users.

However on many occasions your focus is on a business to run and your sales teams have revenue targets to deliver. Managing and administering the CRM application is not a competency that is core to delivering value to your customers. We can take that up for you and ensure high quality service and timely support is provided to your business. Talk to us about the different support packages we have to offer.

Support Benefits

>Best Practice, Training and Support

>Access to Certified Developers and Administrators

>Maximises your Return on Investment (ROI)

>12 x 5 Phone / Email Support

>4 Hour response for all issues

>Dedicated Contact

Thinking of support, contact us for flexible support packages