Pharma Industry Salesforce CRM implementation

Pharma Industry Salesforce CRM implementation and support CRM Configuration for Pharmaceutical Sales team


Client was looking for opportunities to simplify rep call logging and Territory allocation

>  Identify opportunities for 15% TCO reduction

>  Align the application with business strategies

>  GPs and Practice database management

>  Call Logging on Single and multiple Attendees

>  Performance Tracking and KPIs

>  Sample / Literature tracking


>  Analyzed the portfolio of 20,000+ practitioners from different perspectives to identify Account allocation to the Reps country wide

>  Refined current IT roadmap in strategic areas to address aforesaid issues

>  Prioritized different identified opportunities in a time-boxed manner for MSD to implement it Benefits


>  Cloud identified >25% in savings compared to target of 15%  • Savings were identified through a range of strategies including: Consolidation, Right allocation and operational excellence

>  90% of savings through consolidation, 7% through simplification and the remaining through other strategies

>  Key consolidation opportunities in functional areas like CRM and BI


>  Maintain database of Practices, Practitioners, Institutions, and Pharmacies

>  Managing Affiliations between Practitioners and Institutions

>  Allocating Accounts based on territories to Sales Reps for detailing

>  Call Recording based on Single Attendee and Multiple Attendee with create New Contract

>  Call objectives and next call objective with next call date, profiling questions, Key Messages delivered captured on Call Recording.

>  Allocate KPIs to reps ex: visits/day, doctor coverage per month

>  Manage Sample Inventory, Samples and Promotional Material Left

>  Expense management for Reps with Approval process

>  Mobile Call logging system


>  National Coverage and Frequency Reporting

>  National Call activity reports

>  Product Targets territory wise

>  Product Call Activity Report for GP and Pharmacies

>  My (REP) product-wise daily call activity report

>  My (Rep) Average Calls per day

>  All calls on Target this week (by Reps)

>  Reps on Target Coverage & Frequency

>  Target Practitioners visits report

>  Call Activity report Territory wise Coverage Target

>  Product wise Call Summary report

>  Literature Drop report


National Call Reports Dashboard

>  Calls on Target this week

>  Product calls this year

>  Total calls on target this year

>  Calls on Target this week by rep

Coverage and Frequency Dashboard

>  Call frequency by territory by region

>  Call coverage by territory by region

>  Calls to unique GP Target by territory by region

>  Total Calls by rep

Rep KPI Dashboard

>  My calls on practice today

>  My calls on target today

>  My Average calls per day

>  My Calls on target this year

>  My Calls with Product today