Salesforce & Google Maps, why not

Salesforce & Google Maps, why not

The best ideas often come while sitting with a client having a beer. The client says something like “Would’t it be great if we could…..”

A client in the Removalist business using Salesforce had a problem that seemed unrelated to the CRM work we were doing for them. They wanted to provide accurate estimates for clients based on the distance between pickup and delivery as well as the contents being moved. We suggested that they connect their Salesforce instance to Google maps.

They agreed to this innovative idea and we were able to provide them with a single view of the cost and travel time by connecting the 2 applications.  Based on this initial success, they then asked us to help allocate jobs based on driver availability, location, size of the move, and pending jobs.  Once again, we connected Salesforce and Google to achieve this.

So some of the people in the pub at 3 p.m. on Friday, may actually be working.

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