Cloud Support after the big guns have gone

Cloud Support after the big guns have gone

Most cloud rollouts are intensive affairs, time bound and straining to keep within budgets. Cloud implementors usually deploy an experienced team and a well oiled methodology to keep within these constraints. This sometimes ends with a training session for the end users. The team then moves on to another project with a different client. For you this means that the people you worked closely with are no longer available just when you need them.

Unless you have some in-house expertise to support users as they start using the new solution and associated tools, frustration will lead to an erosion of the initial euphoria and uses will avoid “wasting time” using the new solution. Once this happens it is difficult to gain momentum again.

So my advise is that you include post-implementation support plans before you start the rollout. This may seem obvious but most, I would say almost all, clients do not do so.

The good news is that cloud implementors have packages suited to the this specific technology environment. Typically these include:

  • Access to Certified Developers and Administrators
  • Phone / Email Support
  • Time defined response for all issues
  • A Dedicated Contact

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