Cloud Riverdale

Recently, I visited 2 companies that have just installed and launched new Cloud CRM solutions. One was Microsoft and the other Salesforce. Both had completed employee functional trainings. Guess what? Hardly anyone was using the CRM. Now I[...]

Recently, we met a software entrepreneur who generates all his business through the internet and manages delivery through online tools. It was a real learning experience which we are trying to imitate. He started out using Salesforce especially[...]

We have been through the outsourcing routine. A consultant sits next to us to document each process, someone in management decides which processes can be outsourced, a standard operating process is created, and the process is outsourced.[...]

I remember running a NetSuite marketing campaign years ago for a once famous company with thousands of clients. The results were abysmal and in some cases embarrassing. Many of the client contacts were incorrect and in once[...]