Cloud Riverdale

When a colleague asked me how I did my planning, I showed her my ToDo list. She promptly dismissed this with “Oh just a ToDo List” and walked away. Perhaps I should have taken more time to[…]

My neighbour once remarked, over our common fence while we were both gardening, that many employees in the corporate world behaved like sociopaths. Now this neighbour is a Psychologist at a local hospital so he may know[…]

While working at Wipro Bangalore in the early 90s, we had to deploy PCs at 70 branches of the State Bank of India (SBI). Only, we weren’t allowed to call them PCs. They were Automated Ledger Processing[…]

On Sunday mornings, one of the volunteers for Mama Lana’s ( posts on Facebook asking for people to fill in the gaps during the week to cook, make sandwiches, desserts and salads, and serve the same for[...]

I remember hiring a new financial controller in the 90s in Bangalore for MACH. After joining he came to me in some distress. He informed me that he had crunched the numbers and there was no way[...]

Sometimes you can get a lot more than you ask for.  A company providing outsourced sales teams for pharmaceutical, research, not for profit, university and healthcare organisations reached out to us. They were looking for a solution[…]

We all have many roles in life including employee, manager, husband, brother friend, etc. Each role brings out different aspects of our character. Social media has allowed us to segregate these roles and develop them in ways that[...]

Most cloud rollouts are intensive affairs, time bound and straining to keep within budgets. Cloud implementors usually deploy an experienced team and a well oiled methodology to keep within these constraints. This sometimes ends with a training[…]

In 1997, I was at a Board meeting at the Banque Invik Building in Luxembourg for MACH which was attended by Jan Stenbeck , the Swedish billionaire. He was the Chairman and owner of the group. MACH[…]

The best ideas often come while sitting with a client having a beer. The client says something like “Would’t it be great if we could…..” A client in the Removalist business using Salesforce had a problem that[...]